True soul music knows no bounds. It is a single point in space with infinite potential. It can go anywhere and upon its going take on new forms and definitions during the journey.

30/70 is a collective of Melbourne-based musicians devoted to truth through sound and the beauty of endless motion.

After 5-years of creating together, 30/70 have crafted sonic constellations, connecting dots, thoughts, and culture across the world with their music.

Their constellations relay stories, provide direction and document a prodigious process. The local heat of their first release Cold Radish Coma was undeniable. It opened the relationship to Rhythm Section Intl’s Bradley Zero, who would release their critically acclaimed sophomore LP Elevate (mixed by Paul Bender of Hiatus Kaiyote).

Elevate soared beyond the limits of Melbourne’s creative scene. It became a statement for the possibilities of what this thriving community has to offer. Internationally, it has been publicly endorsed by the likes of Gilles Peterson, receiving high rotation on BB2, BBC6 Worldwide FM, NTS Radio and many more across the contemporary European music landscape.

Initially rooted in jazz, a patchwork of new sounds came to the fore as 30/70 consistently updated as a whole, with the intention of looking to the horizon for their next formation.

Suddenly, improvised pockets on stage gave space for new ideas from the UK club scene to take shape and make their way into the repertoire; Break-Beat, Bruk, House, and the ancient Afro-Carribean call and response, where it all began.

“When you can feel the music is pushing its level of comfort, that’s so exciting. And you get that from trusting in the people around you. Feeling like you have the space to go beyond yourself in that moment. You create something very special. That’s the chase…stretching yourself.” – Allysha Joy

30/70 continues to progress through diverse worlds of sound, lyrically aiming a lens on the soul of civilization and increasingly on themselves as individual human beings. With a multitude of side projects (Horatio Luna, Allysha Joy, Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange), new records and international tours in motion, one need only watch and observe their growth from one point to the next in a colourful succession of soulful sounds.

Their forthcoming LP Fluid Motion is out now on Rhythm Section Intl.